Religious Marriage

Religious Marriage Ceremony

The Religious Marriage Ceremony formally, “In The Eyes of God,” expresses the love two people have for each other to the world. A  public declaration, before witness, of love intent and the commitment to uphold this always.

Catholic Wedding

The Religious Marriage Ceremony is a recognition of the will of God bringing two individuals together. There is a declaration of the bride and the groom’s acceptance and obedience to the recognized will of God.

Religious Marriage Packages

Protestant Ceremony There are various ranges of religious believes under the Protestant groups. The differences in and practice are reflected in their wedding services. Protestants are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, ...
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Protestant Ceremony

Lutheran Ceremony Although Lutheranism is one denomination of Christianity, several branches of the Lutheran share fundamental disagreements. Due to their differences, the service and message at a wedding for each ...
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Lutheran Ceremony

Islamic Ceremony In order to get married in the Islamic Wedding Tradition, both the Man and the Woman must be of the Islamic faith, should one not be a Muslim ...
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Islamic Ceremony

Catholic Ceremony Thailand Wedding offers Catholic Wedding Ceremonies in most all locations in Thailand offering excellent service with many satisfied customers. Prior to the Catholic Wedding usually the day before ...
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Catholic Ceremony